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Fireproof board
Main characteristic

● Fire prevention and stop burnin
Measure through national authoritative organization, Meijia Boardis the A grade not-burning material, The wall and steel construction which are comprised by this materials, their Fire-resistant limit is far higher than the national standard to protect.

● Bear water and damp proof
Through being proved, Meijia Boardstill keeps intact after being soaked in water for one month, the phenomenon of swelling and out of shape will not happen. Out of shape rate in the condition of wet or dry is 0.26%, and absorb water rate is about 15%. Especially roll over intensity in the condition of dry is18Mpa, in the condition of picking up the moisture is 22Mpa, pick up the moisture intensity of state higher to resist.

● Sound insulation
95mm insulate against sound wall can up to four 12mm gypsum boards and 123mm wall ‘s sound insulation standard, equivalent to 150mm ordinary solid sound insulation result of brick wall.

● Keep warm and insulate heat
Meijia Board’s thermal resistance is 1.14m2.k/w; it has the function of fine heat insulation and keeping performance warm extremely.

● The light quality and high intensity
10mm thick panel weight have 10.07kg/m2, it is 31.5kg/m2after making the wall with the light steel fossil fragments and is about 1/10 to the ordinary solid clay brick wall, its assault intensity is 2-3 times to wall of ordinary gypsum board, it is convenient to install, and can shorten time limit for a project effectively.

● Green environmental protection
This material is formed for natural materials, such as the inorganic matter, plant fiber, etc., radioactivity is well below the National standard, environmental protection accord with national request, and it is new product encouraged by state policies

● The similar material characteristic comparing

Gypsum board Fiber cement board (the board of solicic acid calcium) Meijia Boards
The thickness reaches above 12mm can reach the request of a grade and the material that is not fired. The thickness reaches above 6mm can reach the request of a grade and the material that is not fired. 3MM thickness reaches to the request of firing prevention
Its hydroscopic is heavy; it is apt to out of shape. Expansion of coefficient is About 8/10000; absorbing water rate of is slightly high (absorbing water rate is 35%) Able to bear the tide well, not out of shape, not against the tide.
The board is taken as rigidity, it is unable to do the modeling crookedly. The board is taken as rigidity, it is unable to do various types of modeling crookedly. Can stick to, cut down, nailing, gluing, paint, sawing, planning, and can use the art designing to cut, it is extremely convenient to construct.
The processing two times is Difficult, superficial laminating is not good, decorated layer is unable to paste. General construction way only being taken, difficult to be constructed with two times and be covered on the surface. The board body is pliable and tough and flexible, can do various types of modeling crookedly
Weight is heavy, it is strenuous to carry, and the damaged rate is high. Weight is relatively heavy, it is strenuous to carry, and the damaged rate is high. Can collocate various types of panel, makeup skin or log skin engaged in the processing two times.
Intensity low, poor to be able to bear Climate, afraid of being collided, afraid of water, afraid of tide, and out of shape seriously when being stained by water. Contain the asbestos in most products. Light weight, conveniently carry, low damaged rate, waterproof, damp proof.
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