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FRP high-pressure pipe
FRP high-pressure pipe

FRP high-pressure pipe is a new kind of product, which is developed and researched by Kinflare Group itself,basing on the low-pressure pipe production and according to the practical using in oil field.
This product is made by high strength fiber and epoxy resin under winding process.

Brief Introduction

● Diameter range: 38mm-200mm(1.5inch-8inch)

● Working pressure range: 3.5MPa-25MPa

● The highest working temperature: 100℃

● Products characteristic:

   Good high-pressure resistance,good corrosion resistance,long service life.

   Light weight,easy installation and transportation

   Screw connection, good sealing.

   Small friction coefficient,no dirt deposition inside pipe,excellent hydraulic characteristics.

● Using field:

   Bring or fresh water transferring pipe.

   Sewage water disposal transferring pipe.

   Fire fighting pipe.

   Crude oil and natural gas carrying pipe.

   Processing pipe of petroleum chemical.

   Tank connection pipe for single well.

   Oil collection pipe for single well.

   Water injection pipe.

   Seawater desalting equipment.

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